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Interhacktive builds award-winning developer communities with a focus on mutual benefit and scale.

With an Interhacktive community strategy, your business and your customers will grow together.

What We Do


A comprehensive assessment of your current community, covering onboarding, advancement, incentive design, business integration, scale and automation, and community health.


Design and delivery of community programs, including Champion schemes, education offerings and licenses, open source governance, and hackathon engagement.


Need something out of the box? Bespoke projects for any community, drawing on experience at top developer-facing companies such as GitHub, Unity, Nexmo, and Major League Hacking.

When it comes to creating engaged communities, there’s no replacement for a personal touch. But you can’t be everywhere all the time. And without a watchful eye on moderation, demographics, and engagement initiatives, the growth and long-term health of your community is limited.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring your global developer community under one roof, one welcoming space where members felt empowered to solve their problems, and your product creates meaningful change in their lives?

Interhacktive builds award-winning developer communities with a focus on inclusion, scale, and mutual benefit. We are experts in applying systems design to community problems, enabling small teams to support large communities, without breaking the bank or your staff.

Get started today with an assessment of your existing community, please get in touch.

Interhacktive Mascot